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A Guide To A Perfect Wedding Day: Bridal Secrets No One Tells You

It's your wedding day, and you have planned every detail to the T – your glam squad is coming at 7 am, your photographer at 11 am, your first look at 12 pm, the ceremony at 1 pm, and the cake is getting cut at 5 pm (cue the song 'Sugar, Sugar'). However, it's 7 pm, and your feet are killing you, your mouth feels like dessert, and you realize you can't sit in your dress comfortably. As much as you're running on adrenaline and happy emotions, you just feel uncomfortable. That's why I have made a list of little details no one tells you about or you simply don't have time to think about because you're too busy deciding on the perfect envelope box. By following the list below, I assure you that your wedding day will go even more perfectly and comfortably than you can imagine.

Practice Sitting in Your Dress: Depending on the dress style you choose, sitting in your dress can get a little tricky. To avoid feeling awkward at the dinner table, throw on your dress and practice sitting at different angles that work for you (can't forget about accidental tearing - yikes!).

Give Yourself Buffer Time: Add some extra buffer time to every part of your wedding day timeline. Delays often happen, and giving yourself a little breathing room will reduce stress if things don't go exactly as planned.

Stay Hydrated and Eat: By making sure you are fed and hydrated, you will not only feel better and have more energy throughout your day, but you will also look better! Your skin is the last organ of the body to get hydrated from the water we drink, so by being extra hydrated, you ensure your skin underneath all the makeup looks great.

Break-in Your Shoes: You probably bought the most beautiful, sparkly, pearly pumps fresh out of the box. As great as they look, they're probably not your most comfortable pair of heels. Of course, you don't want to wear these white babies outside and risk getting them dirty. Walk around your house for a few days with your new heels to break them in and get a feel for them.

No rubber bands or socks: I know this sounds weird, but imagine looking through your wedding photos and seeing a red line on your wrist and your sock imprint on your feet. The morning of, make sure you have some comfortable slippers and a soft robe. Remove anything that might cause indents in your skin (bra, socks, rubber bands).

Spray tan accordingly: Everyone wants a sun-kissed look; however, spray tanning close to your wedding day creates a risk of your tan not developing fully. When your tan hasn't developed, and your makeup artist matches your makeup in the morning, you might end up orange by the end of the night. I recommend tanning at least two to three days before your


Rehearsal dinner hangovers: We all want to live it up during our wedding weekend, but the combination of drinking and cold feet the day before your wedding day might make you feel not your best. I recommend doing the rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding. That way, you have fun and let loose for the rehearsal and have an extra day to relax and recover before the big day.

Pre-wedding pampering: A month before the wedding, take time for yourself - schedule all your appointments for a nice reset as well as some stress release. Schedule your manicure, haircut, and facial, so you make sure your hair, skin, and nails are on point.

Remember, weddings can be hectic, but the most important aspect is you and your partner confessing your love to each other in front of loved ones. At the end of the day, what truly matters is the love in your hearts and being together with your partner. Enjoy every moment and cherish the memories!

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