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Getting Started with Wedding Planning: Where to Begin?

As a bridal makeup artist, my expertise extends far beyond just selecting the perfect setting spray to ensure your makeup lasts all day. Immersed in the world of brides, I am acquainted with the multifaceted aspects of wedding planning. Whether they're in the beginning, nearing the finish line, or navigating the complexities in between, I am privy to the dreams, aspirations, and occasional regrets of countless brides. Through these experiences, I've cultivated a comprehensive timeline and gained invaluable insights into the art of wedding planning and decision-making.I'm going to walk you through my personal approach to wedding planning, imagining it's my own special day. I'll detail the order in which I would tackle tasks and how I'd plan each aspect.

First, I would consider the wedding vibe I desire, whether it's boho, classic, pink-themed, white-themed, or another style that resonates with me. This step is crucial as it sets the tone for the entire event. Next, I'd reflect on what holds the utmost importance for me on my wedding day. Is it my dress, venue, makeup, DJ, or something else? Identifying my top priority allows me to focus on securing that aspect first. Let's say, for instance, my dress takes precedence. In that case, I'd prioritize finding and purchasing my dream dress. Once that's sorted, I can align my hairstyle and makeup choices with the style of my dress. Following this, I'd move on to selecting a venue that complements the overall aesthetic I've envisioned, ensuring that every element of the wedding aligns seamlessly and makes cohesive sense.

Once these details are established, you can proceed with sourcing decorations for your venue, ensuring that the chosen company aligns with your desired style. Following this, I would prioritize booking my photographer. When selecting a photographer, it's essential to consider your wedding theme and find a photographer whose aesthetic matches your vision, as reflected on their Instagram pages or portfolio. For example, if you envision a light and airy feel for your wedding, hiring a photographer known for dark and moody images wouldn't be suitable. A tip when booking a photographer is to schedule a trial session, such as an engagement shoot or a couples shoot for your save the dates. This not only allows you to assess if the photographer's style aligns with your vision but also provides an opportunity to gauge your compatibility with them. Remember, your photographer will be with you throughout your entire wedding day, so it's important to establish a strong connection and ensure a good collaboration. Imagine spending the day with someone you don't vibe well with—it's best to avoid that scenario.

Video is another aspect worth considering for your wedding. Based on feedback from my brides, video services can be quite costly, and understandably so. Editing even a short 30-second reel can take an entire day, so envision the time and effort required for a 12-hour wedding day. For those opting not to hire a professional videographer, I suggest investing in a few GoPros to distribute among your guests during the wedding. Then, you can compile all the footage afterward to create a sentimental video capturing random snippets of your special day from the perspectives of your loved ones. It's a fun and interactive way to gather memories from different angles and viewpoints.

There are countless components that make up a wedding, and for more advice, you can follow my Instagram where I regularly share bridal, makeup, and wedding tips. However, amidst all the planning, it's crucial to remember your "why"—why are you getting married? Ultimately, it's to celebrate love. So, keep in mind that you're planning a love party; approach it with love and cherish every moment of the journey.

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