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Glow Up Guide: MY Skincare Hacks for Radiant Results

Updated: May 19

Maintaining healthy, glowing skin is a journey that requires dedication and care. Over the years, I've discovered a few skincare hacks that have up'd my routine game, ensuring my skin stays radiant and rejuvenated. From simple daily habits to specialized treatments, these hacks have become essential in my skincare arsenal, offering both practicality and effectiveness.

Skin Care Hacks:

  • Pillowcase Rotation: Extend the freshness of your bedding by flipping and changing your pillowcase regularly. I like to sleep on one side my pillow, then flip the next night, then change the case. I ordered a few cotton pillowcases on Amazon so it's super easy to change it. Sleeping on a clean surface helps minimize contact with dirt and bacteria, promoting clearer skin.

  • Paper Towel Pat: Swap traditional towels for disposable paper towels when drying your freshly washed face. This ensures each wipe is with a clean sheet, preventing the buildup of dirt and bacteria that can occur with reusable towels.

  • Makeup-Free Cleanse: Before reaching for your cleanser, ensure there's no trace of makeup left on your skin. Use a cotton pad soaked in micellar water to gently remove any residue. Only proceed to cleanse when the pad comes away clean, ensuring a thorough cleanse.

  • Weekly Exfoliation and Hydration: Incorporate regular exfoliation into your skincare routine, at least once a week (for combination skin), to slough off dead skin cells and reveal a fresh complexion. Follow up with hydrating masks to replenish moisture and maintain skin balance.

  • Regular Facials: Consult with an esthetician to determine the best facial treatments for your skin type and concerns. Regular facials help deep cleanse, rejuvenate, and address specific skincare needs, keeping your complexion radiant and healthy.

  • Laser and Mesotherapy: Combat acne scars and tighten skin with a combination of laser treatment and mesotherapy. This targeted approach has shown significant improvement in reducing signs of scarring and enhancing skin texture, providing noticeable results.

  • EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test: Gain insight into your body's reactions and triggers by undergoing a food sensitivity test. Identifying foods that cause breakouts, bloating, or inflammation can empower you to make informed dietary choices for healthier, clearer skin. Use code Iren8 for 25% off your order. Start your your skincare journey armed with these effective hacks, tailored to promote radiant and healthy skin. From daily rituals to specialized treatments, each step plays an important role in achieving and maintaining a complexion you'll love. Remember, skincare is a personal journey—discover what works best for you and embrace the glow from within. These are all things that work for me and have worked. I am not a liscensed esthetican or doctor.

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