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Preparing for your Bridal Makeup/Hair Trial: Tips and Tricks

When preparing for your bridal makeup trial, while you can simply arrive with a clean face devoid of makeup, there are small steps you can take to enhance your experience and maximize its benefits that will help you better envision your desired look.

  • Clean up eyebrows or any fuzz on the upper lip: This will enable the makeup artist to shape and fill your brows more effectively and ensure smoother application of makeup on the top lip. Excess peach fuzz can cause makeup to accumulate and cling to the hair, creating a darker shadow effect.

  • Style your hair with some curls or in a cute bun: Having your hair styled complements your makeup trial, ensuring a balanced and cohesive look. This allows you to better envision the overall appearance for your big day.

  • Wear jewelry: Pieces similar to what you'll be wearing on your wedding day. Sometimes brides may feel the makeup could be too heavy, but adding components such as jewelry can provide helpful context.

  • Get a test spray tan: Try a test spray tan to see how you feel with it and if you like the shade with the makeup, ensuring there are no surprises on your wedding day. I recommend getting the spray tan two days before your trial, allowing it to fully develop without the risk of oxidizing and looking orange.

  • Cease using any skincare products: Avoid using products containing acids or retinols at least a week before the trial. Additionally, avoid getting a facial at least 2 weeks before your trial. This will help with the smoothness of the makeup application and avoid any patchiness.

  • Dress fitting: If possible, schedule your dress fitting on the same day as your hair and makeup trial. This is an invaluable tip as it allows you to see how everything will look together and determine if any adjustments are needed to the hair or makeup.

  • Bring your veil: Bring any hairpieces or veil to your trial so you can try everything and assess what looks good and what doesn't. Additionally, there are multiple ways to place a veil, and we can help you determine the best placement for your hairstyle, taking into consideration your dress.

  • Inspiration pictures: Last but not least, inspiration pictures. When searching for images of the type of look you desire, consider your theme and dress, and seek out images of brides with similar themes. It's crucial to note that when browsing makeup pictures, ensure the person in the image has similar features to you—similar hair color, eye color, and skin tone. A beautiful makeup look on a brunette with brown eyes might not translate as well on a blonde with blue eyes.

Scheduling a trial can feel overwhelming, but implementing these small tips will help you feel more prepared and at ease, ensuring you make the most out of your trial. For additional bridal makeup tips, be sure to follow my Instagram.

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