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Radiant Summer Vibes: Your Go-To Makeup Picks for the Season

Summer is just around the corner, and it's the season for glowy skin and minimal makeup.

With everyone getting their tan on, nobody wants to spend hours at the makeup vanity doing a super full coverage look. We want to spend our time enjoying the weather on a cute rooftop downtown. Keep reading to discover the makeup products I'll be reaching for all summer long.

First on my list is the Color Science SPF Foundation. With SPF 50, it not only provides sun protection but also imparts a perfect glow and offers just the right amount of coverage while feeling weightless on your skin. I've been using Color Science products for a few months now, and I particularly enjoy their blush, concealer, and powder, all of which also contain SPF. During the winter, these products are my go-to for achieving a put-together look without clogging my pores with heavy layers of makeup. And come summer, this is all I'll be reaching for.

Another perfect product for summer and outdoor activities is the Wonderskin Lip Stain. Simply apply the product and leave it on for about a minute, and you'll have the most perfect lip tint for almost the entire day. It's super convenient because it won't melt off or get eaten away, ensuring the perfect "clean" girl look.

For fantastic makeup products, consider looking into Merit Beauty. Merit offers the perfect summer bronzing sticks, blushes, and lip glosses. These products provide a pretty pop of color while giving a healthy, glowing complexion. If you adore a dewy look, their highlighter is ideal for achieving an all-over dewy glow.

If you're searching for a good lip balm with subtle color, look no further than Summer Fridays! Hands down, they're my personal favorite lip balms. They feel incredibly smooth on your lips, without any stickiness, and provide a lovely hint of color. Plus, they're perfect for those days when you're not wearing any makeup but still want a little something extra for your lips. If you love a super glossy lip oil then you need to try the kiss kiss bee glow oil by Guerlain! It lasts you a long time and makes your lips look and feel amazing!

Remember, summer is a time for making fun memories and romanticizing your life—whether it's watching sunsets or going on nighttime strolls around the neighborhood with your significant other or a friend. And doing all these things while feeling confident in your minimal but effective summer makeup routine makes it even better. For any product recommendations, feel free to follow my Instagram and send me a message if you have any questions.

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