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The Power of Blush

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Women with makeup done by makeup artists

You heard me, I said it—blush is powerful! If you don't have blush in your makeup bag, honey, you are missing out because blush is everything you will ever want and need. There's a tendency to see blush as a negative thing—girls want to hide their redness or it's associated with being embarrassed when you're red from embarrassment. However, blush gives us YOUTH. Blush gives us life, truly. So for all of my mature skin people out there, my number one recommendation after having good skincare is piling on that vibrant blush and giving your skin that POP!

Selena Gomez with makeup done by a makeup artist

Blush has the power to transform your complexion and elevate the overall aesthetics. A touch of blush instantly adds warmth, vitality, and dimension to the face. It can create the illusion of high cheekbones, brighten the complexion, and give you that healthy, youthful radiance. Blush is also proven to boost confidence and allows you to embrace your natural beauty. It serves as a tool of self-expression, enhancing features and creating a canvas for creativity and experimentation.

Woman with blush

Blush can be worn in so many different ways and shades! It can be worn on the center of the face—this will give you a little more volume if your face is more narrow. If you want your face to look a little slimmer/longer, you would place it more on the high point sides of the face. Some people will also do something called draping, which means they place the blush on the eyelids and spread it down to the cheeks. There is no right or wrong way to place blush; the only wrong you can do is to not use it at all!

If you have more oily/combination skin, I recommend using a pressed powder or loose blush. Some of my favorite powder blushes are Laura Mercier and Valentino. For more mature skin or if you just love that dewy look, I would go with cream blush. My favorites are Rare Beauty (will literally last you a lifetime—it is pigmented) and Merit cream blush (gives you an amazing sheer pigment+glow, you won't even need highlight).

Blush done by a makeup artist

So, if you were wondering how to upgrade your makeup look, look younger and more alive, it's that simple. Use more blush.

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Jul 11, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Awesome tips loved reading this

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